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Procurement Framework agreements

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Procurement Framework agreements

Post  fatema.adam on Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:26 am


Please be kind enough to answer the following questions.

The client is involved in the provision of leisure centers. He/she has attended a framework conference and requires further advise as to whether this would be a suitable procurement system for the leisure centre.

1. Identify framework procedures
2. advantages/disadvantages

Please be kind enough to answer my doubts

1. Identify framework procedures - I understand this is procurement framework procedures. Country focused is UK. In this context, can I use public procurement procedures which is what I am aware of. Or is there any other framework procedures that can be used.

2. advantages/disadvantages - When listing advantages and disadvantages, should I specifically mention the advantages/disadvantages to the client or can it include the advantages/disadvantages to the contractor too.

Please note I am not expecting the responders to give me the answer but explain to me what procurement framework procedure I can use in this context and if the advantages/disadvantages to be documented should be pertaining to the client or contractor.

An early response will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Best Regards
Ms. Adam


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Post on Wed Jan 05, 2011 9:01 pm

Selecting the type of survey you are going to use is one of the most critical decisions in many social research contexts. You'll see that there are very few simple rules that will make the decision for you -- you have to use your judgment to balance the advantages and disadvantages of different survey types. Here, all I want to do is give you a number of questions you might ask that can help guide your decision

Full look up

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